Building an Alliance: Together We’re Stronger

Jun 26, 2023

One of the most important aspects of revolutionizing mental health is our connection to others. As a social species, we have survived and thrived by sharing our needs, strengths, and struggles together. Today’s world has left many of us feeling isolated or disconnected from one another in a variety of ways. This disconnection can manifest as barriers to accessing comprehensive mental healthcare, societal stigma around mental health, or the fear of reaching out for help at all.

My passion as a mental health professional is to form a therapeutic alliance with clients in which they can feel empowered to share their needs, strengths, and struggles without stigma or invalidation. Forming such an alliance fosters the environment necessary to explore and understand our true selves and how we can better navigate the world around us. Through this understanding we also seek to expand clients’ abilities to connect and relate to others and to work through interpersonal issues more effectively.

Another crucial factor in revolutionizing mental health is forming a collaborative community in which mental health professionals can connect and share ideas and resources. This collaboration creates a more comprehensive system of support for clients and the mental health practitioners who serve them. We are stronger together and the alliances we form can transform the way we receive and provide mental healthcare. Welcome to the revolution! I hope you join us in this very important alliance.